Hot in News: ZTE crowdsources a new device

This is flattering. This news is now everywhere.

You, members of, are trendsetters. The wave of crowd-dominance is slowly starting the steam ahead, snowball starts rolling. Many snippets of that text are equal to what coverage we got earlier this year.

(Naturally, crowd-first ideology only works when it is in the core of the operational model. Add-on marketing stunts will not work, though they do make great press tales and catchy headlines)

Here is where it started: One of First Main PF Threads
The first fully crowd-developed device “Pyramid Flipper”. ZTE and others follow suit, as this just makes sense.

Please share the message: “Consumers” hold all the cards these days. Supporting us will benefit us all in the long run, more and more people believe and participate, as people get on top of things, leaving corporations be at their own labs.


I just went to their forums, it’s quite weird that nobody mentions quality there. I guess we all know that ZTE devices totally suck. They have random reboots a dozen times per day, battery life sucks, build quality sucks… Well, basically everything sucks. For that reason there are zero ZTE devices available in Lithuania. They tried to get into the market a couple of years ago, but they failed. Because people here are too poor to buy cheap crap :slight_smile:
And then, their suggestion threads are a total mess. Seems like nobody there knows anything at all about technology. People are suggesting things that just don’t make sense, and they’re repeating the same ideas over and over again. And then, during my five-minute visit I found about 5 threads that do nothing else but suggest someone’s preferred specs. Like, really, just a thread with a plain list of specs with little or no explanation. And their voting system is just plain “yes” or “no” for whole threads. So it just doesn’t make sense. I tell you guys, ZTE will not go far with this attitude.