Honest mini-review

Hey people, Jules Wang from Pocketnow here.

I’ve been asked by @Konstantinos to post a little thread on my experiences so far. I do not represent Pocketnow in this aspect as I have paid for my i5/256 unit for my personal use, but I’m happy to provide a few pros and cons here. Keep in mind that as such, I’ll be more subjective than I would be when writing for a publication.


  • Man, the keyboard pitch and travel is great. Dream for me.
  • Bluetooth keyboard functions, while I don’t use often, is really handy and easy to set up.
  • Screen quality is terrific, calibration is satisfactory. Just blends into my eyes.
  • I have not been able to nor have I wanted to run a full battery cycle, but from extrapolating prolonged off-charger usage, I suspect that battery life will be anywhere from 6 to 8 hours for me, more than satisfactory.


  • I would have preferred 16:9 instead of 3:2 because of my side-by-side window setup for work, but that’s minor.
  • Some users have reported bad battery drain for sleep. Yep, same here.
  • Keyboard can’t recognize more than two keys pressed simultaneously, which means I can’t play Spelunky.
  • I’m still uncomfortable with Alcantara as I do a lot of work in cafes, etc. It feels nice, but I don’t want to think about spills or crumbs.

There’s still plenty that Eve will need to prove if it wants to be a company of good repute like firmware updates and customer support. Still, I had bought my device for $999 and for my purposes, this is more than I could ever expect from a crowdfunding project.

Let me know what to continue looking out for and if you tihnk you have thoughts you want to trade with me. Thanks!


Thanks for sharing your thoughts. It would be helpful to hear your perspective on some of the areas where others have described concerns like writing with the pen and the speakers/headphone jack. Thanks again!


I don’t use the pen for drawing, more like a substitute for when I don’t want to use my large fingers on the touchscreen. I’m a very particular person sometimes. I do fumble around with the pen a whole lot, just because it’s so dang heavy.

As for audio performance, I’m going to have to get back to you. Haven’t had opportunities to blast music since I spend most of my time on a Bluetooth headset connected to my phone.

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Good quality headphones give good quality music :innocent:, that includes the V.


Hi, thank you for your mini review! :+1:

I’m fan of your Pocketnow channel. :grinning: