Hinges issues at bigger angle?

Hello community,

I would like to know if anyone else is having an issue with the hinges? I guess at the higher angle the hinges would not hold it position and jump to the limit. I want to see if this is widespread or should i reach out to support. Video of hinges in action posted. Thanks in advance.

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With mine, that doesn’t happen I think it should be able to hold the position at any angle. Contact support.

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My v is beginning to do that. But honestly it’s not as durastic as ur’s.

Many content creators / YouTubers who have reviewed the V have also experienced this issue so ur not alone .

Thanks everyone, I will monitor it to see if it get worst. It is great to know that there is two year of warranty.

That is crazy. Definitely contact support.

On an unrelated note, that is also a pretty funny video.

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Does it also happen when the keyboard is “open”?

yeah, there is no tension when i get to the bigger angle. maybe i will use some none slip mat for now. will contact support to see and let everyone know.

A little update with support. I’ve submitted an inquiry and got an initial response to investigate back on the 9th of May. As of today no further follow-up. Will update when I get more info.

look like my hinge issue is not going to be cover by warranty. it is deem as normal wear and tear due to use. kind of disappointing as i am nowhere near the limit of the hinges test. i remember during testing phrase, it was mention they open/close 3000 times or something without a problem. my issue

Maybe try tightening the mechanism