High-pitched electrical noise from my 4k Eve Spectrum

Hey everyone! I’ve had my Eve Spectrum 4k for a few months now, and it’s really got an amazing picture quality - specially after the last firmware update, everything has become much more vibrant


It emits this hellish high pitched electric noise that’s going to drive me to the edge.

Anyone else hearing this?

I’m sure it’s up there in the spectrum, but it’s clearly audible, and is torturous.

Is this known, and will be addressed? Is my screen otherwise defective?


Hey, @Saeven,

Just wanted to touch base with you on this.

Many of our community members have reported that this was due to having HDR enabled on your device. Further reports for the whine were that, in many cases, upgrading the monitor firmware to the current version, 1.04, alleviated the issue as well.

If you haven’t already, please grab the latest firmware from Support – Eve (evedevices.com) (Be sure to click on Downloads in order to see the download section) which contains the firmware, installation instructions, and the firmware update utility installer all in a single .ZIP file.

Note: this will only work on Windows, unfortunately.



I’ve also experienced this without HDR enabled. I connect an M1 MacBook Pro via USB-C and managed to reduce the whine by switching from 60HZ to 144HZ.

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Good info, thank you!