Hibernate and preventing to turn off

Hi there!! I’ve been rocking my V for almost 3 years.
There have been some problems (keyboardsssss) but besides that it has been a great companion.
Unfortunately, a couple of months ago it fell down and got a small indentation near the power button.
Problem: sometimes it is really difficult to turn it on… cause the button gets stuck and it continues turning on and off, so I have to unlock it on the right timing.
Most of the time I use it at home docked to my monitors and sometimesi just use it on the go on the afternoon. So, it rarely stays a long time unplugged when not in use.

Is there a way to prevent it from turning off? (for example after Xhours, when not in use, it will turn off). So it will automatically go and Stay! in hibernation and just turn off when i choose to.


There is a setting in Windows 10 Control Panel Power Options, which allows you to set a timer for hibernating, provided if you have activated hibernation.


I am not sure which setting makes your V automatically turns off. You could contact our support team at any time if you have technical questions regarding your V, and they will always try to provide an answer.


thank you.
I’ll try that when i get home. and if it doesnt work i’ll contact the support team


That can be done by setting power button function to “Do nothing” in windows control panel.
(Windows search “closing the lid”)

E: Misread the question :stuck_out_tongue: But that should help with the power button shutting the device down :slight_smile: