Hi V team and community, chiming in from Norway

Hi V @team & community, I’m Fred chiming in from Norway :slight_smile:

Is there any word on a rough estimate as to how much the V will go for in the web shop (non-early backers) once it opens? I realize there are several different configurations of the V, but a rough estimate from the cheapest to the most expensive model would be appreciated, especially now with the new displays.

I plan on selling my MSI GT72 and go for a V, carrying that 8-pound beast of a machine around hasn’t been very ideal especially when I haven’t used it for much else than media playback and web browsing. I also recently received my backed ClickPack Pro and I think the V will go along perfectly with it :slight_smile:

Also, are there any plans for another flash sale before the web shop opens?


Only wild speculation I can give you, but maybe this helps:

(Stolen from another thread)

IGG prices:
Eve V i7 Hyper Early Bird 1399USD
Eve V i5 Hyper Early Bird 959USD
Eve V m3 Hyper Early Bird 699USD


Shipping and tax EU 119USD

Shipping to US 50USD (if I remember correctly, other countries I don’t remember)

Windows 10 Pro 50USD

Add 15% for the better display and maybe another 10% for regular pricing instead of the IGG campaign.

That would bring you between 900 USD for the entrance and 1750 USD for the top model.

Plus shipping / taxes, but already including keyboard and pen.

That sounds very promising indeed compared to the Surface Pro.

Here, the retail price of the entrace model Surface Pro (5) is around $1380, and the top model goes for around $3050, which is without the keyboard and pen.

The VAT here is 25% so that would add up to $1125 for the entrance model and $2190 for the top V model + shipping, which is still a longshot away compared to the Surface, for an even bette device.

I think I’ll just follow logic here and go for a V :slight_smile:

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