Hi there from Germany

I just started to support the spectrum and I am excited to hear about the development of the prototypes.


Hi, @Andre_Schmitz!

Glad to see you in our community! Our latest prototype news is the big reveal; testing results and FAQs will follow later. I hope you enjoy your time with our community!


Thanks! One of the main reasons to support the spectrum is the possibility to work and play on the same display in the best way. But beside I do not like headphones while playing games and I want the desk to be clean and free of speakers, I wanted to ask if someone knows a slim speaker that can be attached to the display back and maybe powered via USB.

Maybe I am in the wrong thread or is there anybody thinking the same?

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I haven’t seen any like the ones you describe, but you can find many soundbars with very slim design or some pretty small stereo speakers. Honestly, any of those options will give you a much better sound than what integrated speakers could give you.

What type of games do you play? Stereo speakers would be the best choice if you want good positioning in the games.

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Consider using a monitor arm for the Spectrum and place a small soundbar under it. This keeps your setup very minimal by only occupying space directly under the monitor! I am planning on doing the same.