Hi My name is John

My name is John and I live in NSW, Australia. I am originally from Canada where I graduated in EE in 1969 from Queens University. I have been in the IT&T industry for 40+ years (I’m retired now!). My interest is in 2-in-1 devices which are sufficiently powerful enough for every day usage but not over engineered to be too expensive for mass appeal. This product space has the potential to become huge and I will watch with much interest the forthcoming launch.


Hey! Welcome to the community John :smiley: If you have any questions please ask :wink:

Hello John. Great to have you here!

Do you own a 2-in-1 at the present yet or are just considering getting one?

Have you been checking out project Pyramid Flipper earlier already or did you join in lately?

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I don’t own a 2-in-1 yet but am contemplating a purchase. I have read
quite a bit on the EVE community board and am interested in the project.
I have some concerns that the EVE V will be too expensive for me based
upon what I have read so far.

As an electrical engineer I can appreciate high end design but high end
design does not always yield a commercial success. As I see it the
Chinese brands (Cube, Chuwi, Teclast etc.) are getting closer to what I
would classify as a good sub $500 USD 2-in-1.

As an example of what I mean I have been a Mac user since the Mac Plus
days (shows how old I am turned 70 this year) but even owning an Mac
mini server, iMac and a 13" MacBook Pro my everyday driver is a Metabox
15" Haswell i7 laptop. It is good enough and frankly I think Apple has
lost it! Too much emphasis on ‘design’ and not enough on staying current
although the Macbook 12" is interesting. They have painted themselves
into a corner with the IOS/MacOS split. It has taken Microsoft a while
to get Windows suitable for conventional and touch devices but I think
Windows 10 is pretty well the answer.

Sorry for my rambling, but I will watch with interest. Good luck with
the launch. Hope it goes well.

John Proctor


Absolutely no rambling but respect for the knowledge and wisdom that You, kind sir, are hopefully going to share with us.
Kind regards,
Ervin Belusic


@Ervin @Johnbouy you dont need to sign the message as we can click on your username to go to your profile :wink:


Hi John! :slight_smile:

Looking forward to your input to the community, as you seem to have a very interesting point - that the chinese are bringing decent low-end devices and what how we could compare against that.

I personally think for example that the companies you listed before still have quite a way to go in terms of the quality and performance department. But that’s why I love seeing many different people in the community and different opinions - so I hope I’ll hear your opinion soon! :slight_smile:


Yes I would agree with the fact that they have some distance to go but they are iterating towards the same. Discounting virtually all the atom based products the newer m-class cpu products are getting closer. The displays need some work as far as laminated OSG is concerned but even that is coming in some models. The surprise entrant in that market is Huawei with their matebook. The quality of it is better than the lower tier brands and the price is below Surface Pro 4 and iPad Pro.

The 2-in-1 has the potential to be the disrupter that the laptop was to the desktop. To disrupt a technology it has to have mass adoption and that is where the high end 2-in-1 products are missing the point. Sure they are good but what is needed as a disrupter is a product that is good enough. Good enough that people can afford it and good enough that the brand owner can make a profit. Computers in general have become a commodity just like cars, TVs and whitegoods. The trick here is to design a good product with mass appeal that can sold at a price the masses can afford. That is more difficult than you can imagine.


I’m sorry, and you are?? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I’m not sure if that was meant for me or Artur. But if me I have had over 40 years experience in the IT&T sector all the way from hardware and software design to running an $8 Million dollar subsidiary of a publicly listed (NASDAQ) company before I retired in 2003. I appreciate high end technology just as much as the next techie but I can also see the BIGGER picture and that must entail the profitability of the brand because without that there is no future.

I look forward to the official product launch. The technology that I have read about on these forums would truly make a wonderful product but the real finesse in this is what the price will be. Given that this whole process was aimed at getting a high quality product to market at a reasonable price it remains to be seen what the definition of reasonable is in this case.

Not everyone can afford a $1000 2-in-1.


“Not everyone can afford a $1000 2-in-1.”
Exactly :relaxed:
It was pulling Arturs leg but thanks anyway for the intro!


Dear Artur.

Signing the post with your real name (not username) is a token of respect & honesty (writing stuff publicly with your own name) and something we “older folks” like to do sometimes :wink:

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Dear Mike,
Please continue doing so then. My sincere apologies master. I take a bow before you with the immense life experience you possess. You shall forgive me for I’m in big regret. Wasn’t my intention to make you stop your wise habits and traditions.

My humble self,

Now in all seriousness, just pointed out that but if you like signing your messages feel free to do so :wink:


Habit is habit, but I think signatures are a residue of written letters. Because you couldn’t really identify who’s writing without a signature. Now in the times of electronic communication it’s becoming obsolete. I do sign my email messages, because my email address doesn’t include my full name. In forums, I agree that it’s a sign of respect and honesty when you write your full name, but I still think that if the forum software allows users to view your full name, you are already showing that sign by filling your name field correctly. But that’s just my opinion :slight_smile: and we went very off-topic. It really doesn’t matter :smiley:

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