Hi, Kee from London

Hi all

I came across Eve V after researching the new surface pro and was excited to discover a better alternative.

My use case is that I’m currently a surface 3 user for personal and work reasons. I chose the 3 as an affordable solution to test whether that form factor would work for me, which it does, albeit the low specs does make it a struggle at times.

Personal stuff is just web browsing and tv/ films. No games as I just use my phone. Work wise I am an independent contractor project manager / business analyst so mainly excel, PowerPoint though typically my clients will give me citrix access to their network via Web browser. For this the little surface 3 with 2gb ram and atom processor has been surprisingly ok, but as I say I do have moments where I get frustrated when it slows down. Offsetting this, it is fantastic to take notes with a pen rather than endless pricey moleskine pads (got to look good in my industry!) and the screen quality was excellent.

As well as a being cool, great value and (relatively) unique product, I’m hoping the eve will also address some of the quirky power/ sleep issues of the surface. Eg it’ll randomly go into sleep mode, often requiring a hard shut down.

Anyway, dead excited to be able to to order soon and till then I’ll slog on with my surface 3!


Welcome. You’re in for a treat, do stay tuned!

Welcome ! Glad to see you are as excited as all of us! The webstore will be opening shortly after the Vs Shipp to the backers we’ve had a delay due to quality issues with the current screen distributor but the team has reached out straight to screen manufacturers(sharp auo) and others and are working on a quick solution and even a possible upgrade to the screen with one of the new manufacturers . Current time line is shipping to backers august-sept
But feel free talk amongst the community and even give ideas or input on new projects accessories etc.

Woop! Managed to pick up a limited bird V by contacting the support team at Eve, now mega excited to be officially on the list!


How did you get it? Someone cancelled their order and you picked it up, or?

Not sure exactly, but I contacted eve support and they managed to hook me up. I suspect someone had to drop out.

Best customer service ever!