Hi! Interested in technology, 2in1 devices and open design

Hi everyone!

I’m Jorge, from Spain. I’ve been lurking in the dark and reading almost every post in this forums since October '16. Really! I didn’t join the discussion until now because I hadn’t ordered a V and somehow I didn’t feel fully entitled to participate.

As a consumer, I was looking for a 2-in-1 device I could take around with me in substitution for a 2,7kg, 9 year old laptop. At work I use a Dell XPS 13 and fell in love with its portability, but I was looking for a more flexible form factor. While reading reviews on almost every 2-in-1 out there, I found the V. Edit: I’m also especially interested in using free software and Linux in this kind of devices. It’s good to see I’m not the only one.

As an architect/designer I also happen to be very interested in open design, participation and community-driven projects. And this is where Eve’s bold statements caught me. Since them I’ve been following the discussions and I must say I’m impressed by the technical and human quality of the whole project.

This is a very interesting case for community-driven (or at least community-influenced) design. Both Eve as a company, the V as a product and YOU all as a community could be subject to a thesis or at least an informal research in order to find good practices and areas for improvement.

I may take the second route, but for the moment, I’ll just keep reading and trying to find the keys to what looks like a coming success. I’ll also join the debates now that the product is almost done. It feels like I can learn a lot from this project and, who knows, maybe even get a V when the store opens to the public :blush:


Who will be the first? :slight_smile:


That’s too bad! I think I speak for the community when I say that we love everyone who participates in discussions!


I’d welcome you to the community, but it seems you’ve been around for a while already. Glad that you’ll be joining in on the fun more actively!


Yeah, any idea shared can enrich the discussion. And even If you did not help fund the V, like many others (not everyone has the money, or likes the posible risk associated with funding). For example pointing something no-one else noticed. or giving a new Idea that could improve any aspect of the device, or community.


@Helios Indeed! Already a couple of months since I registered (I’ve been adding shy likes here and there, as you can see), and I was reading it long before that.

@anon99772972 @Neti Fair points. I think you are totally right: the community here reaches beyond the funding contributors. It took me too long to realize that simple thing, so I most probably won’t be the first to do that thesis, @fanoftech4life :joy:

Thank you all for the welcome!


Can’t hurt to try :wink:

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I’m curious to know what brand/model of laptop lasted that long. That’s impressive!
I’m only on my second laptop in life, but my first one died after 5 years due to motherboard failure. It was a Dell Inspiron 1721, and it was built like a brick (but decent specs for the year 2007). Currently on a Inspiron 5720, which made me rethink ever buying another Dell.

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It is a Dell, actually. Dell Studio 15. Very well built machine, awesome keyboard and screen, and easy to repair. I have opened it several times to clean it. The only problem I’ve had: about a year ago, after some intensive use, the integrated GPU failed. I took it completely apart, got a new motherboard and an SSD, and voilà, “new” laptop! Obsolescence what?

Now it’s running Windows 10 and Linux quite decently, but it’s finally feeling too old: it does lag with heavy design programs, it’s completely unusable for things like light video editing, and above all, doesn’t fit my increasingly mobile lifestyle anymore. Plus, after putting it back together I was left with an unused screw, so I’d rather not move it around and risk a new hardware failure :sweat_smile:

I’m quite sure all these new thin 2in1s won’t last a whole decade. Even the impressive Dell XPS 13 feels like it’s going to fail sooner than later.


I’d be surprised if they last 4 years. Especially those from the likes of Lenovo and other chinese-direct brands.

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Actually Lenovo laptops are really durable… They’re now on a similar level to Dell I’d say…