Hi, I'm Yashit Maheshwary, A Computer freak!

Hey Everyone!

I just found out about this community via my friend @AntonyTerence (a community leader). I was fascinated when I came to know that we can contribute our own ideas. Being a High School graduate in Computer Science major and a tech enthusiast, I’m pretty sure that I will have something to contribute to this great community!

Upon a bit of research on this community, I got to know about the next new device, the Pyramid Flipper. I was wondering if there is any source through which I can get a deeper insight about the specifications and other minute details of this device?

And is there any room to accommodate any more ideas, or the device is finalized already?

Yashit Maheshwary


First of all, welcome :slight_smile:
The hardware seems to be already finalized pretty much, as in the motherboard, processor and size. But we can still offer design and software changes. Mike and Konstantinos (the founders of Eve) should come back from China today and tell us more about that.
About the specifications, they’re outlined in this thread:
It’s not very specific, but we will probably have several models with a little bit different configurations. The screen is 3:2 just like the latest Surface tablets, everything else that we know is written in that post :slight_smile: But as you see, there are a lot of unclear things in there, and most of them are subject to change

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Welcome :slight_smile:
What specific part in computer science are you master of?

I don’t even have an “Introduce yourself page” . :disappointed:

Master wouldn’t be the right word. :joy:
I had taken a C++ course in my school. :smile:


I was wondering, what the heck did I learn? :joy:


@Yashit feel free to look around the existing threads, and know that new ideas are always wanted :slight_smile: even if we can’t implement it in the Pyramid Flipper, there are other projects to come. By the way, what do you think should the next product be? Right now we’re waiting for news from @Mike and @Konstantinos, but meanwhile, we can discuss what we want the most as the next project.
I have made a special thread for future project ideas:

If you post your ideas there, I will add them to the main post. (I know I promised to add some earlier, but I’ve been too busy :cry:)

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We still can implement ideas into the PF. Just can’t change processor and ports. Still a lot of area to work on.
The keyboard is still a hotly debated topic, and details will be clearer after the Q&A session.

Yeah, but I just said even if we can’t implement something in PF, we can implement it in future projects :slight_smile: And while we’re waiting for the Q&A, maybe we could use this time to discuss future projects? I think everything that we have discussed about PF by now is waiting for Eve’s word - even the keyboard :wink: So, while we’re waiting, we can either discuss something that we don’t need to wait them for, or just remain silent :stuck_out_tongue: both options are OK for me, I guess

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