Hi, I'm Stefan from Germany

Hi, I just realised there was an “Introduce Yourself” category, so let’s go:

My Name is Stefan, I’m living in Aachen, the most west city of Germany, with direct borders to Belgium and the Netherlands.

I used tablet devices since I bought an Compaq (later HP) TC4200 tablet pc while earning my degree in computer engineering. Currently I’m writing this on an Toshiba Portege Z20 2-in-1 tablet, which is a really great device.

My dream would be replacing all laptops and desktop PCs in our household with tablets, connecting the existing peripherals to docking stations, grouped by purpose - one work station for digital painting, one for music, one for gaming (well, I would need two for gaming) and so on. With this setup, everyone in my family will just plug in their tablet and work with all files, programs, their own settings. Let’s see if this dream comes true :smiley:


Hello Stefan!

Welcome to community! I am sure together will make your dreams come true!


Hi Stefan. I really like your vision. I also like the fact that now we have a guy here in community with Toshiba Portege Z20.

Do you think it would be at all possible for you to write a review of it? :slight_smile:

For anything you might encounter, don’t hesitate to PM me or @Konstantinos or @iKirin. Even if it is just a vague product idea :wink:

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Hi Mike.
Review is done…

If you want to know something special, don’t hesitate to ask. :slight_smile: