Hi I'm Sam from Canada!

Hello everyone,

My name is Sam and I’m a college student (and tech enthusiast) from Manitoba, Canada. About 5 months ago my girlfriend and I were seriously considering getting a pair of Microsoft Surface Pros as it would make note taking and annotating in class much easier than working on a laptop. After some digging I thought it would be best to purchase a used device to save on some money, but one day while I was browsing tech videos on YouTube I came across this video by Dave2D and I instantly fell in love with the V.

After convincing my girlfriend we held off on buying the Surface Pro and I patiently followed the company and community, asking a few question here and there on the forums. And finally, today it all went smooth and we both ordered our EVE Vs, we opted to go for the m3 model. It feels great and I can’t wait to finally receive it!

Hope to see you all around!


I also ordered from Canada and I was actually dissapointed that bank took more for exchanging currency during the transaction than I expected. Almost extra 100$…

What bank are you with if you don’t mind me asking?

TD bank . I calculated and then compared and here we are

Which V model did you purchase? I purchased the m3 and only had a few of about $20ish or so

I7 500gb. Now I am wondering when my device will be produced hehe

hiya - i sent you the invite into the Canadian group if youre interested in chatting with us

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Bank normally charges additional two base point for profit…

Thanks, I’ll see you in there!

welcome aboard! Go Jets!

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Hey Sam from Canada! I’m going to school in Winnipeg and I just ordered my m3 this morning too!

I can’t wait for it to come.

Hey, do you happen to be a univeristy student?

They’re doing really well this season!

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yeah - they are fun to watch.

Funny story - one of my dogs came from a rescue in Winnipeg. - they flew her here to Vancouver on Westjet for me. So being a black dog from Winnipeg that came in on a plane, I had not choice but to call her Jet. :slight_smile: It’s a pretty fitting name for her.


U of M! I want to get into medicine and I read that OneNote is great for that, and I loved the idea of the V!

Adorable pics are in order! haha.

Wow haha, seems we have alot in common! I also go to that university with hopes of going into medicine! What year are you?

3rd year of a psychology degree, so I have to teach myself a lot of the science on the side. Thank God for Khan Academy, haha. What are you studying?

2nd year in a microbiology major! Just sit in on some science lectures if you can, I’ve heard that helps alot! Also check out the MCAT subreddit

Maybe I’ll see you sometime next semester with your EVE V out, I’d be able to spot it from miles away haha! :slight_smile:

If you insist! :wink: one from now and one when I got her…



Great girl … Looks like she is happy to be out of Winterpeg.