Hi I'm Robert, from Canada

I guess I’m sort of late, huh. I’ve been disappointed for years looking for a great all in one tablet type device. I’ve seen some Android ones come awful close. It doesn’t seem like there is much left to do here from what I can see right now. Hopefully the final product looks great. I’d be really happy to see a Windows 10 device, Wireless AC, GPS, Sim Card connectivity, unlocked, some kind of mini or micro HDMI out and a headphone jack similar to a cell phone.
Right now I can use my phone as a GPS but not as a tablet, my current tablets have no HDMI out and the Windows ones rarely have GPS or Sim card slots. I must be the only person in the world that’s sick and tired of having to have a different device for every application.
I hope you guys have developed this! It would be refreshing to be able to plug in a headset and make a call, perhaps using third party software but over either WiFi or Cellular, at the same time be able to use the same device for a GPS. Get back home or to work and be able to plug in the HDMI and run my software.
Good Luck! I’ll keep watching, I subscribed to the news.
Thanks :slight_smile:


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We probably won’t have a HDMI port, but you can use a HDMI to USB Type C adapter.
We will have a GPS, and optional 4G.
And we have an amazing DAC in the device for amazing audio quality.


Sound fantastic! Can’t wait to see the final product. You’ve sold me already! I’ve been emailing manufacturers for years asking for this exact device and everyone seems to want to leave some feature out. Haha.
I travel lots, I don’t like to use my phone roaming, that would give me all I require in one device, I’d be able to save my work on the tablet and pick it up anytime without having to lug around a bulky laptop. Sound like you plan on putting in enough ram to have all this run smoothly!
I don’t know, I gave up some time ago hoping for such a device, resigned myself to my belief that the only reason manufacturers wouldn’t build it is because they wouldn’t be able to market as many devices, haha


Hey! Welcome to the community! We hope the Pyramid Flipper is just a beginning so don’t worry :wink: Besides, it’s never late to give your contribution. In fact, little time has past since @eve created this post: http://dough.community/t/you-have-pains-head-bandage-we-have-a-painkillers-pill-use-cases-for-the-mega-thread/1072/44 where you can express what you don’t like in current devices and what you’d like to have in the Pyramid Flipper :grinning:

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Hello @shakeyhome! :slight_smile:

You’re not late in my eyes - you’re just in time to get all the news what will be REALLY in there :wink:
While the PF might not be able to tick all your boxes, you might want to check out the [Advisory Specs-Thread] (http://dough.community/t/fire-fire-pyramid-flipper-advisory-specs-fire-fire/772) to see what is confirmed up to now. In terms of features you can check out the [Suggest a Feature-Thread] (http://dough.community/t/fire-fire-suggest-a-feature-2-0-fire-fire/782) to see the features that are confirmed/we want as a community :slight_smile:

@AntonyTerence has already pointed out some things like the option to just have the HDMI via a TB3 to HDMI-converter. And when you’re home/at work a Dock would also be possible via TB3! :slight_smile:

It’d also be awesome if you could have a look at the [Use-Case-Thread] (http://dough.community/t/you-have-pains-head-bandage-we-have-a-painkillers-pill-use-cases-for-the-mega-thread/1072) and tell us what you’d use the PF for/what device you’re looking for and how the PF would be used or where it maybe falls short.

Also, if you’ve got any questions or ideas please feel free to make a thread for it inside the community! :slight_smile:
Or if you’ve got something else please feel free to message me :slight_smile:

I look forward to see you around and see what great ideas and opinions you’ll bring to our growing community! :slight_smile:



Welcome @shakeyhome! Happy to have you here!

@AntonyTerence, we actually have a codec not a DAC which is better cause it works for both audio input and output:)


Thanks everybody!
I’ll have time in the next few days to look around, looks amazing so far!



Codec isn’t just software? Sorry for my incompetence in audio :slight_smile:

EDIT: Ah. I just found out that codec can mean either a dedicated sound processor or processing software. So a hardware codec is awesome!

I thought so too. It’s actually a processor that handles audio. So its similar to PCs that have integrated graphics card vs a dedicated one. You are right too codec can be a software that would decode sound. But we are using codec as a physical chip on the motherboard. So you can think of it as a dedicated GPU in terms of sound :slight_smile:


Actually audio is so ultra-low-bitrate that software does the job pretty well. All you need is a DAC and ADC for microphone :slight_smile: and of course amplifiers…