Hi, I'm Paulo and I'm addicted to 2-in-1s

Hi, I didn’t realise that there was an ‘Introduce Yourself’ category so I have been getting busy with the other threads that deal with the PF.

I’m a mid-30’s software engineer working between London, UK and Boston, MA, USA and I run my worh and personal lives on my phone and my Surface Pro 4. These two devices go with me everywhere, all the time.

I’m a firm believer that devices such as this are the way forward for most people and I’m keen to see them evolving and fulfilling the promise of replacing ones laptop, tablet and desktop (it has done for me).

What attracted me to the Pyramid Flipper is the community imput and I’m finding fascinating to see other people’s opinions of what the ideal device would be, For me my priorities are:

  • Enough performance to do all my day work
  • Enough battery life to carry me through a whole day
  • Small and portable
  • A beautiful, super sharp high density screen that makes working on it a pleasure.
  • Enough fast storage so I can work away from my network without issues.

I’m hoping that my experience with the Surface 3, Surface Pro 3 and Surface Pro 4 (I currently own those 3 devices) can be of use here to create something that replicates the good bits and improves on the bad ones.


Hi Paulo!

Welcome to Eve community. Happy to have you here! You seem to have a lot of surfaces:) Your experience with those devices will definitelly provide a lot of possitive inputs.

Looking forwad to hear more about what would you improve in Surface!


Hah! Lucky guy :smiley: I can’t afford one Surface here, and you have THREE! Haha… I envy you xD

Hehe, I did state in the title that I’m addicted to 2-in-1. :slight_smile:

I can always find excuses to get another machine or upgrade one of my current ones though.

I do think that the Surface Pro devices are the best of their kind currently on the market but that doesn’t mean they don’t have problems.

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Hehe, as much as I’m addicted to 2-in-1s, and computers in general, I just can’t afford one as expensive as a Surface Pro ;D