Hi I'm Netkid from Canada

Hi all,
Netkid from Canada here. Caught wind of the campaign after the hypers were sold out but I managed to snag one of the early birds (i5). Debated with all 3 models but this was the sweet spot due to the US$ exchange. I originally had some concerns as in Canada we’re always concerned about shipping and tax costs with internet purchases - and the US$ (right now it’s about 1 USD = 1.35 CAD after fees), but the team has been really great in responding to these these concerns. It will cost a bit more but the shipping company will remit the tax. @anon70891453 - do you think if by the time you ship the April batches, if there are enough Canadian orders on the pallet, you can ask the shipping company for a cost break?



I’m from Canada too - Cowtown (Go Flames Go!). I’m waiting for February 's i7.

From Montreal, Quebec. Waiting for the i5 in February :slight_smile:

I believe @shakeyhome is also. I’ve been trying to follow the community and catch up on everything since I’m late to the game.'. BC here. Lucky you guys w the early shipment! Edit- autocorrect.

I’m here in BC too @netkid23!

From Brampton :slight_smile:

Hi all. So I decided to go for this vs the sp4 based on design and specs and price. I really wanted to wait on the sp5 but the eve just looks so cool I had to go for it…not something I do normally. I look forward to all the discussion until Feb and April delivery and even after.


Hi @netkid23!

Amazing to see you here and all the other Canadians:)

We can’t wait to get you V’s either :slight_smile:


hiya @Konstantinos - any news lately with shipping details? inquiring minds (aka Canadians!) want to know! cheers! :smiley: