Hi! I'm Max and I will put this Community right on the Metaverse!

Hi folks and all you BeliEVErs!

I’m a 32 years Polymath Dreamer, Self Taught Practical Engineer on Telecoms and Electronics from Caracas, Venezuela. My Research interest mostly centers around connecting people’s minds from language to presence ubiquity either for work or have fun together and to fullfill that goal I’ve doing along last years a lot of research on themes like Human-Machine Interactions and Perceptual Computing.

My main project right now is a Hardware Implementation of a Experimental Device for Research on Interactive Telepresence and Collaboration Tools based on JanusVR Portals that we have called:

Black Mirror Project | a MR Metaverse Portal


Great! Nice to have another passionate person with us. Welcome to the community :slight_smile:


Hi and welcome! Look forward to hearing about your bleeding edge ideas!

Firstly, what is a “metaverse”? :thinking: I think I (and others here) am just not as uber-techy as you!

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Hello and welcome. Cant wait to see your ideas on future projects (:
Enjoy your stay!

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Welcome to the community! Seems like you’ve joined just at the right time, with production about to begin, and the first talks about the next project starting!

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Yes, perfect timing! there is always a good reason anyone came across opportunities that we will not loose the train behind.