Hi I'm Kevin from the US

Just saw this project through an article. Am really interested in getting the Eve V when it becomes available as both my laptop and tablet are barely functioning. I’m a secondary school math teacher and look to use the Eve V in the classroom. Is there a way to mirror what I’m doing on the Eve V onto a projector?


Yes through the USB type C port one can connect a projector to Eve V with different types of Video connector. Those connectors are generally affordable, and with the wireless keyboard+trackpad Eve V will work great for presentation.

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Hi Kevin! I also live in the US (Texas).

Yes, the Eve V will support USB-C connections, through which you can attach a dongle that would let you directly output to a projector. If the projector supports Miracast, that would work as well, since the V will support Miracast.

Full specs can be found here: http://dough.community/t/eve-v-final-hardware-specifications

Miracast confirmation: http://dough.community/t/lets-make-an-faq-together-grin/2485/165

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Hello and welcome to the community. I’m from the us as well (Michigan)
Yes you can project what you are doing

Thanks for all the replies! They’ve been really helpful!