Hi! I'm interested about Spectrum and have a question

Hello there from Turkey!

My name’s Tunahan. I’m an editor from one of my country’s tech websites and prepare video reviews about games and gaming hardwares.

I’m looking for monitor upgrade and Spectrum model impressed me a lot. But I have a question about some capabilities which one is not on first place. It’s about sound.

I have reference studio speakers(JBL LSR305) on my desktop. One day I said “why I hear the sound of gaming consoles from monitors built-in speaker? It must be a way for hear from reference speakers cuz it’s way more powerful and detailed. Actually hooked up my monitor to speakers with a one side 3.5mm other side two seperate 6.35mm(for left and right) cable is enough. But it only works with my current monitors Audio Line-In port(Asus MX239H). Not work with speaker port(green one). When I’m searching a HDMI 2.1 gaming monitor with line-in port, only TV size monitors have it and all of them have built-in speakers but I don’t want that sizes. I’m looking for 27” 4K with HDMI 2.1.

Spectrum full specs list say “3.5mm audio jack - 1x - Analog audio output from video input source” It seems like what I want but I don’t have any information about that. Is there a connection between line-in ports and built-in speakers or monitors without built-in speakers like Spectrum can gave me what I want? Because on the paper, it seems simple like plug your headset to monitor. Only difference is studio type equipment mostly have other connection types than 3.5mm. Like XLR or 6.35mm.

If anyone has setup like that or tried something like that with Spectrum and share ideas I would be very happy.



Yes, the Spectrum outputs audio via the 3.5 mm jack. There are not any speakers in Spectrum. If you want studio quality sound, you should get a separate DAC & Amp


I also have devices such as an external sound card and audio mixer, but I did not mention them in first message not to confuse the setup I described. All sounds firstly going to my Focusrite then separate each inputs of my audio mixer. It give quality sound and volume adjustment option to me. Thanks for reply!

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Welcome TwiNKie so if you are interested in EvE and have a good audio setup then you are a min maxxer.

It’s obvious an EvE monitor is a must-buy for purposes of being the best in class gaming monitor out there at its price point.

Sure it can do sound but you want to max out your sound setup.

After you’ve ordered your Eve Spectrum monitor of choice I’d recommend you head over to Schiit dot com and purchase one of their awesome usb/audio Dac Amps.

I run my audio via the Schiit Hel 2 and a pair of Drop X Sennheiser headphones along with a Woojer Vest Edge for wearable bass. And my monitor is the Eve 4K.

Point is no matter what Eve is part of any serious gaming setup.


I have Focusrite Scarlett for my audio works and I use it for that too. The cable which came from audio output of monitor is going to Focusrite sound card input with y cable. After that, from sound card output to audio mixer input. And finally from audio mixer output to my JBL LSR305 inputs. And it works great.

The only point I missed is color of my monitor audio jacks in first message. You know, mostly the speaker one is green. But in my monitor, they give green to audio-in. From the first moment my setup works on audio out port but I thought it’s line-in. At least now I know.

Thanks for your advice!