Hi, I'm Henri aka. Domilitia!

Hi! My name is Henri, but I’m known from my nick @Domilitia. I’m 20 years old student from Kokkola. I study information and communication technology. I love video games and I play guitar, Music and technology are very near to my heart. I was one of the first people to order Eve t1, and I haven’t regretted it. It’s fantastic device and I can’t wait to see what else Eve has coming in the future!


Happy to have you here! Together with enthusiasts like you we will create the next flagship killer!

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Hi Henri! Welcome to the club mate!

Very glad to hear you like T1 - We promise to improve with the upcoming device we have now in development :slightly_smiling:


I am Riku, welcoming Henri as well!

It is because of me that there is a Sport’s section created to this forum. I like it.

I love to use technology when it allows me to reach productivity goals.

That’s part of me in a nutshell :slightly_smiling: