Hi, I'm Duocorn!

Hey everyone, I’m Duo! :smiley:

Coming from Germany and Munich I found your community via the [hackernews] (https://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=12836337#12836784) :slight_smile:

The project looks awesome, hope you guys can offer a german keyboard, that’d be KILLER!!!


Hey man. Happy to have you here. The next few weeks should be hectic, so fasten your seatbelt : )


Hi and welcome! I’m Ervin from Pula, Istria :relaxed:

Welcome Duo to Eve family!

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Hey😊 My name is Boris, i’m from Germany…Looking forward to the excange of some nice ideas. Very interested in helping to create something nice!


Welcome @BoRo and @LightningDuocorn !!

If you have any idea for a new project or suggestion, just create a new thread. If you want to see if a similar idea has been told, just use the search feature :wink:

If you want to ask anything more, please do!

Welcome to the community, seems you guys are just in time for the second challange

Hi I am Rumpelstilzchen/Claus from London and very drawn to this/these project/s as the group contributes valuable input for very edgy products. And the inverted pyramid approach - excellent idea - should yield very pertinent products that are a little bit ahead of the curve at acceptable prices.

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Morning Hulbie - Phone or Machine?

@LightningDuocorn @BoRo @Rumpelstilzchen Hello guys!

Some news for ya:

Display, touch panel, pen ETC got just officially confirmed. Check the confirmed specs 2 thread (it should show on top globally).

Warmest welcomes to the community! Hope you enjoy your time here!

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What do you mean with that question?

Hi Mike - I sure am very interested in the project/s.

Morning Ruben,

What I meant to say:
As per the conversation - Phone or Laptop as the next project?

Morning Claus,

I would like both of them. I would like a new portable laptop since my current one weights 3,5 kg but I may get the V for that. I would like a nice phone as well but I wonder how long the production of such a project would take. Probably the first next project will be a eGPU as there are a lot of talks about that though i’m not sure if it’s been confirmed yet, I think the options are still open so make your voice heard what would you like?

The community decides :slight_smile:

Morning to you,
eGPUs are new to me. I understand what they do but would not necessarily see the application in my space. Depending on price it could extend useful life of EVE V at some stage.

I would really like a powerful phone with a keyboard and twin SIM etc. Awaiting the iPhone 7+ at the moment but would like security etc and keyboard like Blackberry plus better battery and no unnecessary garb on top.

I will most likely get an EVE V. Hope it is silent (no fan).
Laptop- I could be tempted.

Enjoy your day.

Yep. Excellent.
Should give it extra edge.
With phone thought of some Nokia Greats …

It will be fanless so don’t worry about noice

The two significant use cases for an eGPU dock is gaming and video/3D editing. It is great if you have an old gpu for example and want to use the
eGPU dock to game on the go.

Great. Silent Running