Hi, I'm Brecht!

So hello guys, I’m Schatteman, Brecht Schatteman, but you can call me Brecht.

I have been active in this community for a while now, and thought it is time to introduce myself, so that you guys know what you’re dealing with. So first of all, I live in the beautiful tax haven Belgium. I am from 1995, a great year if you ask me! My hobbies are swimming, tennis, piano, getting on people’s nerves and create things. Oh and thinking about unnecessary things is also one of my biggest traits, be it positive or negative.

What do I do with my life? For the moment I am a student at Ghent university. But those studies aren’t going as well as planned. For the rest I can also say that I have tried to get into the youtube community, but for the moment I lack the right skills and finances to become a successful channel. But we don’t give up, it is a nice distraction from the everyday struggles in life, or just a great distraction from studying. I have to say it is hard to combine with studies, certainly if friends complain you don’t do regular uploads.

How did I end up here? I was used to print out the powerpoints of my classes and than write on the print out to take notes during classes. That works great if you have the right powerpoint printed out and if the teacher isn’t talking half an hour on the same slide. It was my younger brother that got me into tablet formfactor 2 in 1 laptops, he had a broken surface pro 3 (screen cracked, touchscreen doesn’t work properly but the pen works so it was still usable). And I had to say, it works just like on paper, but without having borders and if I did forget to print the right powerpoint, it was only a matter of having wifi to get the right one and import it into onenote. He also told me about the Eve V, and since I liked how affordable it was compared to competition, I was in. I got myself a i7 perk, but than my financial situation changed, so I ended up canceling my perk. Now I am staying here in the community because on one side I want an affordable 2 in 1 to take notes, on the other hand I am interested in a 2 in 1 with performance (quad core, dGPU).

So that’s about it that I think people could want to know about me. If I did miss something, feel free to ask. And maybe I should add that I am dyslectic, so don’t mind me if I do make grammatical faults :sweat_smile:


Nice introduction, great to have you in the community!

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You have one nice brother :smiley:

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Thank you guys! And yes, I know, a nice brother. Although he can get on my nerves from time to time, you know how that goes :wink:


Who cares about gramatical these days :grimacing:

I do care about grammar…


God damnit Paul, I was starting to like you but I fear I have to rethink that now :cry:

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