Hi, I'm Ari and here some lines about me

I’m from the land of Eve, which means Finland. Already 53 years of age, but the mind of an 18 year old. Love tech and gadgets. Been in the tech industry over 26 years. I’m also what you could say a Microsoft fan as I have worked all my business career with their software, products and visions, bringing them to customer solutions.
Windows Insider both on PC and mobile, Eve Insider and member of the Microsoft Campfire here in Finland.
Design is close to my heart (UI/UX). Looking forward to contribute for the next amazing Eve device. You can read more about my thoughts at ajatuxii.com.


Great to have a Windows veteran among us! Well now I know how you made such a great user story:) UX is very important in our next Device.

Hey, does anything strike you about our UX in the website or community? Is anything obviously bad that we didnt notice?


Thanks :slight_smile: Glad to be here. The only UX point of view is that the “Reply” is a bit confusing. It is not always clear to what do you reply to. To the original post or to someone else’s reply to the original post or to someone else’s reply’s reply. I’ll get the hang of it eventually.