Hi! I´m Jim 🙂


I´m Jim, a 24 year old, newly graduated Mechanical Engineer currently working as a Design Engineer (Mechanical) in a Product Development team.

I stumbled upon an advertisement for the Pyramid Flipper sometime this summer and subscribed to the newsletter, but now I finally took the step to join your awesome community for real.

As a proud Oneplus owner (both Oneplus One & Oneplus 3), I´m all about getting quality stuff at a great price. When I read about your plans I immediately felt that this is something I want to be a part of and I look forward to support your quest for the ultimate 2-in-1 tablet/laptop. Hope I can contribute with something along the way and great work guys!

PS. I am thrilled that the username “Jim” was available, I have never been able to use it anywhere before :grinning:


May I ask what kind of products does your team develop?


@Artur Of course!

The company I work for is a truck body builder (timber trucks), so we develop everything needed to produce a complete truck from a bare chassis. Our main focus is strong and durable parts that also are lightweight and cost effective. This means we use quite a lot of aluminium.

Our team is small but effective and our tasks include everything from designing new products, updating and developing current products and customer specific planning of the trucks to taking care of product related material (mounting instructions etc.) and maintaining product info and structures in our business system.


Hi Jim! Yeah its nice to be able to reserve these usernames here at this point (being Mike myself).

I wholeheartedly welcome you and am sure you’ll find lotsa similar minded folk here, new tech lover colleagues from around the world (writing this sitting in a mcdonalds for a morning coffee in Helsinki, Finland) :slight_smile:


That’s cool! Btw welcome to the community! Forgot completely to greet you :joy:


Hehe, thanks! :grin: