Hi, I am new here.

Hi, I found this community during one of my “product existence” research sessions. I have been around computers since the mid to late 80’s. At first I just bought what was available, but over time I had to learn to work on systems since I couldn’t afford the latest and greatest thing, eventually this led to me building and repairing systems and through necessity I became the go-to guy in my friends and family at first and eventually word of mouth got around and I kept building my knowledge because it was fun. I like many others in my generation have eagerly anticipated what seemed to many would be a natural progression of technology, only to be disappointed time and time again by corporate red tape and profiteering by metering the release of tech or the outright blocking of advancements for the same reason. The business model of MacApple has always rubbed me the wrong way. I and many others of my generation are the original base users for the Gaming community, we built and maintained our own systems, modded and personalized our games, and relished the user control we had. However over time we have seen the slow degradation of user control and the retarding and redirection of the natural progression of technology into multiple device categories that are all solid state and disposable, these things by now should be united and upgradeable. The younger generation seems to have been sold on how the limitation of tech are all great ideas.
I am excited at the sheer possibility of how users can have real input on how products are developed, how we can possibly bring some of this back on track.
I look forward to seeing where this can go.


hello @Dono

whereabouts in the world are you located? were you able to purchase a device through IGG or either flash sale?


Welcome to our community! I can really feel that your input could be important for us in future. Please feel free to make yourself comfortable here and enjoy the last sequences of the “where the hell is my device” show and take part in the the first sequences of the “let’s start to develop something after the V” game…


Hi and welcome! Great to have enthusiasts like yourself on board!

I am from Northern Calif, but currently located in Southern Baja. I am always interested in Tech and Mechanical things, its what I find my mind dwelling on when I am idle and trying to unwind. Thanks for the warm welcome, I look forward to brainstorming and sharing ideas.


Welcome here Dono.
It looks as if we are from the same generation: heart_eyes:
Dono, I’m thrilled to see how you will help the “don’t know’s”
between us.
You will help to make the community even greater !

Isn’t it greeeaaat yet?

You are right.
Changed to greater :hugs:

There was ‘no make great again’ tough :upside_down_face:

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