Hi, I am Ethan!

Hi fellow insiders!! I have been a eve insider since the start of the Eve computer 1, but never told anyone about myself!!

I am 2nd year Computer Software Engineer at UBCO Canada. I have a surface pro 3, and love it. However its still not the answer everyone has been looking for. I hope my time working with Eve will help transform a great idea into a device that is the best thing since toast! So far, this looks like a distinct possibility.
I cant wait for the future!!!


Hi :smiley:
But you should know that not everyone in this community is an Insider :wink: so maybe “fellow insiders” is not the best way to address the community :slight_smile:


Hello every one. I just wanted to issue an apology. I wrote the words _fellow insiders _ when I introduced myself. I had that word in my head as I am a windows insider and had just submitted a two page complaint to Microsoft. Anyways, we aren’t all insiders, I am not an insider, though I want to be one very much!! Sorry about this, I will try to chose my words better in the future!!


if you have the spirit of an Insider in you, then the future can hold good things for you :slight_smile:

Hi Ethan!
I’ve seen you chat with us for us some time now, so yeah you’re very much within the community. A pleasure.


Thanks a lot. Sorry again about that.


Hehe, no problem mate, nobody has ever died because of an occasional lapsus calami :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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