Hi, I am Antony!

Hello everyone!
I’ve been here for about 7 months now, but I didn’t bother to introduce myself :grin:

I am Antony from India. Studied in Abu Dhabi, UAE and started university at NIT Trichy, India.
I’m currently studying Instrumentation and Control Engineering. Think of it as a combination of all forms of engineering, a jack of all trades. Based on my interests, I’ll get a Masters’ degree in a more specialized field.
Enough about boring education, here’s what I do in my spare time. I’m a tech enthusiast who keeps up with the rapidly evolving tech world, and play video games a lot too. I read novels and listen to music too, but tech and gaming are my bread and butter.

I’ve been avidly following the tech world for years now. I’ve seen a lot of change, both good and bad.
Unfortunately, the pace of innovation in the industry has been declining.
OEMs have realized that their fans will buy their new devices every year, regardless of how miniscule the improvements are. For example, Apple’s iPad Mini 3 was identical to the iPad Mini 2, except for a fingerprint sensor and a price increase of 80euros.
OEMs also often make silly decisions that baffle me. I wonder which genius thought it was a good idea to make Samsung flagships with a glass back.
At this rate, I’ll never finish this post, so I’ll get to the point.

Eve seemed to solve all these problems with one fabulous move: a fundamental change in the way a device is made. Crowd-sourcing the device is a brilliant idea, and I thank Eve for the opportunity they have given me. So far, the most impressive thing I’ve ever done in my life, is become a Community Leader here. While getting into that university is no ordinary task, I prize my position here more than anything else in my life.

These months have been the most productive in my life, and I’ve learned so much, not just tech, even about people, their lives, and more.
Eve is the best thing that happened to me, hands-down. It’s given my life a purpose( atleast for vacations) and helped me use my skills for an amazing cause. It’s helped me make friends with people all over the world, and changed my perspective of life.
I’m spreading the word as much as I can. Random people who enter my room, leave as enlightened gentlemen.
I thank the entire Eve team for sacrificing their time, striving hard and giving their best to make our dreams a reality.

And thanks to Eve, I’m famous :wink:


Antony you really write like a pulizer novelist :smiley: gotta give you a big applaud. You made my day :blush:


:blush: Thanks a ton!