Hi guys! Rene here from the PH!

Hey guys! Glad to have found this website. I’m so in love with your hard work!

I’m Rene Martin Elefante! I live in the Philippines and I’m graduating next year from college. Congrats to Batch 2018! I’m hoping to get into medical school next year as well here in the PH and create positive ripples of change within the medical landscape here in my country.

I stumbled upon this website just today actually, when I saw a video about it on YouTube. Big shout out to YouTuber Dave Lee (I don’t know if he’s part of this website but big guy opened my eyes to this website). Like a lot of people here, I was looking for a price-reasonable laptop that was geared towards productivity and portability, and obviously my current desktop can’t keep up with changing requirements anymore. I was looking at the Surface Pros but I can’t really afford them, considering that most of my money will be used for med school. I’m thinking of selling my trusty desktop because that’s the only way I can afford a new computer, regardless of Surface Pro or (hopefully by next school year) EVE V, but this thing has served its purpose, at least for me, anyway.

So keep up the good work and re-frame the future of technology! Hoping to get my hands on one of these when med school starts! Good luck, @Team


Welcome to the community. We are almost at the finish line

Welcome welcome, loving your attitude to helping your country!

Welcome Rene ! With the full day battery life of the V it will sure help you on your study ^^

You made it ! Welcome.

Welcome mate! You found the right spot for your tablet needs I’d say, we are approaching the finish line :slight_smile:

Welcome Rene! Now take time to look at the board threads.

Welcome sir Rene! What med school are you planning to go to? I graduated from UERMMMC

Welcome Rene, I’m a Pinoy myself based in HK for a very long time…

Heeey @ReyMatt and @Blowfish! #PinoyPride haha.

I’m planning to go to UERMMMC also, but my parents are pushing for ASMPH. The extra year scares the crap outta me though so I don’t really know if I’m going there.

Thanks for the warm welcome!

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Welcome Rene! I hope you the community.