Hi from Western Canada

Greetings! I am a grade 12 international student in western Canada. As I will be in university in September, I need to upgrade my old garbage laptop to something portable and has reasonable performance. I was thinking of getting a surface pro because some of my friends and my teachers use them. However, I travel a lot and I play games very often. My dream computer would be portable, powerful, and cheap at the same time.(greedy human detected) If I buy a surface pro, the trade off is that I can’t play any triple A games at decent FPS when I am travelling. Then I came across eve V. Adding a external GPU will make almost meet all of my requirements. So I am planning to order an eve V within two weeks.

It is really nice to meet you all!


Wich part of Western Canada? I’m from Calgary.

Welcome, I’m from Canada too, Manitoba!

You can easily use V with external TB3 graphics box - there is discussion thread about it here.

Hi! I’m in Missouri but I wish I was in Canada!

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Grea, but. I was thinking of buying Akitio node because it is cheaper