Hi from Egypt ☺

I’m Poda from Egypt, finally I have found the device, I wish I had long time before!
I have read many topics and I understand that it’s really community based device ( trying to create best of best devices in the market) , and I really like the configurations of the V device, but I have noticed that screens of the V is replaced with better high end sharp screens, and it may lead to price changes , so I felt little disappointed to get the i7 configuration in future, so will eve V prices will change and maybe how much, I mean can the i7 configuration exceeds 1600$? Thank you


Welcome to the Community! As for pricing, we are all anxiously waiting for Eve to reveal the web store prices. If you check the forum on even a semi regular basis, you won’t miss it when they are announced.

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will price change = YES for sure, for 2 main reasons…

  1. The price that you see now on the website was a Once in a lifetime for backers who came forward and invested with EVE and supported them since last 3 years right from the concept to last decision on going for a better screen (from Sharp). So, this was an introductory offer for few selected one across the world.
  2. The price was to make sure to come up with a product that people like you will appreciate, and is a just price with no exuberant PROFIT making intention for now (as of today), even in future what we believe is that EVE entrepreneur want to be distinct from big players in the market and want to open up web shop, with reasonable FINAL price, that is acceptable from anyone who will appreciate the unique features that this device brings to them and also the model is a direct order from the EVE itself, with no 3rd party agency between you and EVE.

The price will be dictated by @Team post the delivery of the 1st Hyper Early Birds (500 Units I believe) and followed by the 2nd Hyper Early LIMITED Birds…2000+ I believe, and then web shops with NEW REVISED PRICE…

Don’t take my word, I speak as if I am from EVE (i am not), but this is what happens if we are in as a community. WE SPEAK ON BEHALF OF THEM. Most of the time. :grinning:


Hiya @Poda welcome to the ocmmunity! :slight_smile:

As @Razaknk pointed out, the price you (likely) saw at 1399$ was only for the Indiegogo campaign and our backers. We always planned to release the V after the campaign for a higher pricepoint.
For the price I can say that it can be below 1600$ but it can also be above - imagine anywhere between 1400$ and 9999$ :wink:

We should announce the price before the webshop launches after we’ve shipped the Hyper Early Birds (yep, the first 500 units) - in the worst case it’ll be secret to everyone until it’s on the shop :smiley:


Thank you all, but what I want reach that you should keep competitive prices with Ms pro, to keep difference between V and other manufacturers?

It will definitely be better prices than the new surfaces

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yes and often the key is to make sure you include the price of the keyboard and pen to ensure you’re comparing like with like

p.s. welcome!!

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hello and welcome. the v will be competitively priced. as everyone has already said more then the backers
but less or equal to the surface . shipp date is around the corner so sit tight and feel free to join the discussions of possible future products

Is eve willing to make physical stores in UK after release the V in webstore? as for me buying the V and shipping to Egypt at least will rise price about 20% customs and VAT, so I’m willing to buy it from UK next vacation when I visit Oxford :wink:

No - online store only.

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Then, I will sacrifice, to get the V and pay customs and VAT :joy::joy:

I’m with you to compare V to new surface, but V has to be less price than the new surface.
I decided to buy the V not MS pro, for many reasons: integrated fingerprint, awesome new screen, RGB wireless keyboard and thunderbolt 3 port :zap:, but also MS surface is overpowered with i7 7660 4 Ghz, Intel iris plus 640, insane pressure sensitivity and awesome hinge studio mechanism.
So for my daily needs as medical student V is enough but we should mention that Ms new surface pro has much better performance, also included keyboard and pen with V must be considered ( about 250$ extra incase of surface pro) , but I mean if the apparent price of new surface gets equal with the V , may people think again before buying the V!
Thank you