Hey there! 4k preorderer here!

I’ve looked for a monitor like this for a long time and it seemed to just not exist. 27" with 4k panel is my sweet spot for pixel density, adding in high refresh rate with VRR, wide color gamut and HDR, Displayport over USB-C PD… It was either 5k$+ monitors or compromises… Then I discovered the Spectrum thanks to a friend. I read a bit about the unfortunate past of Eve and I chose that the “risk” was worth it, things can go wrong for every new company, And if Eve can keep it up I believe there’s some amazing potential on the market for crowd-developed, community-first, feedback driven product development. Don’t disappoint me, guys!


hey Glics, welcome! What unfortunate past are you referring to? I am also interested in this monitor. Thank you

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Hi, @audiowarrior!

We have learned from our mistakes, and we have ensured having the right partners that share our values and commitment. You may read more about it in this article.