Hey it is Ahmed from Iraq

Hello there

I am Ahmed from Iraq and I am interested to see the EVE V soon :wink:

Please is there Arabic keyboard included ?

Nice to see you guys all


Hi and welcome to the Community!

As far as I know there is no arabic Layout offered right now. But feel free to design one :slight_smile:

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hello yaa Ahmed… Marhaba in community

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To clarify, if you’d be interested, PM @iKirin and he’ll send you a template for the print to use (you’ll also need to specify key-layout, ie like ANSI vs ISO), and fill in the info you need from there!


Hi @Ahmed, and welcome to dough.community!

At this time, we do not offer an Arabic keyboard layout for the V Wireless Keyboard. Being a relatively small player makes it hard to offer every possible layout (since we have to order very small amounts of each (as in, 10, 20), and our manufacturing partners think ‘small amounts’ are 1000, 2000…), but with the help of our community we’re able to provide the 15 most-requested layouts at launch.

If you want to contribute, you can follow the instructions suggested by @Alexander_Halbarth and @jtflynnz and design one for us. If it turns out that there is high demand for the Arabic layout, we may just be able to offer Arabic keyboards in the future!


Hi I saw a post by @abdul-wahab_hawsawi where he shared an Arabic keyboard layout.


Thank you all for your reply

I think the keyboard presented by @abdul-wahab_hawsawi is very good one indeed.

I think also EVE V will be very popular once it launched and widely reviewed in Arab countries like UAE , KSA, and Iraq.

2000 and 3000 are low amounts if compared to the population of Arabic speaking countries.

personally, I would have requested one if there was Arabic layout keyboard.

Thank you for the hard work!

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Here is the link to the post if somebody needs it :slight_smile:


Then again 2000 are also a low amount compared to the US/EU and we’re dealing with roughly that amount.
But I’ll put it on the “layouts to check the requests for” list - meaning, that once the webshop launches we’ll check the interest in various layouts (e.g. french-canadian or arabic) and then based on the interest we’ll look how we can provide one :slight_smile:


@iKirin @Ahmed

Thanks, I really appreciate it, looking forward for the device.

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Unfortunately I didn’t find Arabic keyboard.
Could you please confirm if there is any plan for Arabic keyboard in future.

Hiya @Saaed!

We might provide an arabic keyboard later down the line, but right now there is no plan for one - we’ll however check the demand for one and potentially offer one later.

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Merry Christmas to everyone.

I feel sad that Eve V doesn’t have an Arabic keyboard option. I would be happy to pay a significant amount extra over the cost of the Eve V. I just want to add my voice so you can better judge demand for one. I’m not sure if this forum is the only way you judge demand…

Wish you all well regardless … Eve is a great idea

Hi all,
I was this close to buy a surface before my geeky friend told me about this great project…I was super excited to buy a V but again stopped at the last step because of Arabic Keyboard :broken_heart:… I hope you add it to you options soon and count me buying one immediately…once the word spreads I’m sure you have “huge amount” of orders for Arabic keyboards

Keep up your great efforts :heart::heart:

Hiya @tahsra and @Majed!

We’ve not had a big amount of requests for arabic keyboard layouts - we might look into offering them in the future, so please keep an eye out! :slight_smile: