Hey guys, I'm Zi Jin! (A fledgling tablet/phone reviewer)

I’m Zi Jin from (currently rainy) Toronto and I’m currently a mech engineer working in the Gypsum industry. I heard about a crowdsourced tablet/device called eve and I was intrigued, as there was a Chinese manufacturer called UMi who did a very similar thing (albeit much abbrieviated), asking customers what specs they were looking for.

Weirdly enough I just heard it from the interview from Pocketnow. I wasn’t really paying attention until I heard the interview with some of the devs.

I know I joined pretty late into pyramid flipper, but I hope to be able to contribute in this and other future projects!

Oh and I’m also a fledgling phone/tablet reviewer on YouTube, I currently have about a dozen or so Chinese phones/tablets on my desk, so hopefully that knowledge can be put to good use as well!


Welcome to the community! Hope you enjoy participating :wink:

I hadn’t heard UMi did the same thing (do you have the name of the device? Curious to find more about it :blush:) but from what I understood with what you said I think this is much more in depth and maybe more personal since you can give direct input to Eve (and even talk to the CEO and other members!).

It’s never late to make history :wink: Specs are mainly outlined but every piece of information you give will be helpful in making the Pyramid Flipper a better device :smiley: So let’s get the ideas flowing!

Cool! What’s the name of your YouTube account? Just to check it out :grinning:

Once again welcome and feel free to ask any questions you may have!


The company, UMi, is a Chinese phone company that are pretty small time compared to giants like Samsung, where a preorder number of 20k is considered great. They had a project called Apollo where they had a questionnaire for customers to fill out for their ideal smartphone, but that’s the extent of community participation.

They had rather mixed reviews though.

And thanks! My channel is just my name, www.youtube.com/c/zijincheng

I’m so excited to start contributing, I have so many ideas I want to put out there but I don’t want to double post! I’m going to have to spend some serious time searching through threads.


Welcome to the community :sunglasses:
Feel free to open new threads :slight_smile: or post something here and we’ll help you find some :stuck_out_tongue:

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Hello Zi and welcome to the growing Eve community! :smiley:

It’s great to see more people join the community and help everyone design a damn awesome device.

Artur has already given you an outline to what is the status quo, so let me give you [the link to the advisory specs!] (http://dough.community/t/fire-fire-pyramid-flipper-advisory-specs-fire-fire/772)
Other than that currently ongoing we have the “Use-Case”-Thread as I like to call it, where Eve asks us the community what we’d use our PF for to get an idea what the device would be used for. It’d be great to see your potential use of the PF so we can make the PF even greater! [Here’s a link to the thread] (http://dough.community/t/you-have-pains-head-bandage-we-have-a-painkillers-pill-use-cases-for-the-mega-thread/1072) :slight_smile:

Other than that, if you’ve got any ideas for a feature or questions feel free to post them in the appropriate category. If you’ve got any other questions feel free to message me and I’ll try to help you as best as I can :slight_smile:

I hope we’ll get a PF review from you if you decide to buy one :wink:

Have a great time here in the community and I hope to see you around.
Peter (or iKirin - however you prefer to call me :smiley: )