Hey guys! I'm Artur :D

Hey! Some of you might know me but hadn’t introduced myself to the community so here it comes. :wink:

I’m from Lisbon, Portugal, the same beautiful country as @AfonsoHG :smiley: Currently studying in high-school, love tech and everything in between. :grinning:

Actually it was reading a windows central article that I became interested in the Pyramid Flipper!

I think that’s all and feel free to ask any questions! :smile:


What is the meaning of life and everything else ? :wink:


I said tech not life :stuck_out_tongue: well that’s a very good (and philosophical) question which I haven’t no idea of the answer :joy:

The answer is 42. It took 7,5 million years to get that answer.

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How did you get that answer?

From the “Hitchhikers guide to the galaxy.”


But what then is the question?
Don’t answer. I am currently reading through the trilogy.

The answer will mesmerise you :relaxed:

Finally we know who is a cleaning cloth fan in our community! It’s great that you are here!


Every little detail counts :wink: Community will guide you to glory :grinning:


Cleaning cloth? It’s a towel, not a cleaning cloth :relaxed:

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You should have made it triangular. It would have been so much cheaper to order a triangular screen and ask the Windows team to build Windows around it (to build Windows tangens it?), whatever. I’m right!

Why am I not in this business? I’m so much more Intune with what the market want’s than any of you amateurs. Look at pop culture. Everyone is worshipping Rah now. It’s all about the triangle man.


You made my day man :joy:

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