Hey from Zurich, Switzerland :)

Hello everyone! Up until right now I was a long-time lurker and I’ve been following your avid discussions with lots of virtual popcorn!
I stumbled upon Eve via a comment posted on some article about upcoming tech. I’m a student at the end of my Bachelor’s degree, hence I’m hoping to use the Eve as my jack-of-all-trades tool for writing, streaming and some light gaming (AoE 2!).

Of course I’m a little bit disappointed by the delays, but I’m very much backing the decision to prioritize quality over a shipping date. My MacbookPro will surely last some more months fingers crossed. (Unless someone would want to trade an i7 early bird spot – is that even still possible?)

Glad to have discovered this productive and helpful community and I’m also quite interested to see what comes after the V!

Cheers guys :slight_smile:


Welcome dude, good to have you on board!

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Welcome and schöni Grüess also from around here :wink:

About the trade of early bird spots, I only found closed threads. There was a possibility but it’s gone and I actually hope nobody would renounce their spot at the front so close to release :relieved:

Welcome, feel at home ! :hugs: