Help with question about screen resolution and refresh rate

Hi, how do you turn on 240 hz? I have a monitor connected using the display port, but for some reason there is no such option, Graphic Card is 3080. And 2 question, how to change the extension to 2k, because when I change it, everything becomes something soapy? Is it possible to change how that would be like the image wrote that the resolution of 2560x1440 instead of 3840x2160. Thank you for your help.
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Hi, @Edin

Regarding Q1: The Spectrum ES07D03 is a 4k @ 144 Hz model monitor, meaning max res is 4k, max refresh rate is 144 Hz - across all resolutions.

We do have another monitor. the ES07D02, that is currently available for pre-order (has not started shipping yet), that can achieve 240 Hz mas refresh rate, but has a max resolution of 2560x1440, not 4K.

Regarding Q2: Check to see if Windows is reporting the input signal as still 4k, and also check nVidia cpl to get a better idea of the resolution being used, and if you are using Windows or the GPU to actually perform the scaling.

For a better idea on this, take a look at this topic: Has anyone tested integer scaling? - Development / Project: Spectrum | Development - Eve Community

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