Help! Windows has locked me out!

After the latest Windows updates I can no longer login to my V. It won’t accept my fingerprint, pin or microsoft password - even though each one is entered 100% correctly.

I have searched online for solutions but have come up empty handed as I can’t get past the login screen OR restart it in safe mode to login with a local account.

Anyone have any answers? Or has Windows declared my V a dead duck already? :frowning:

If you have set up a Microsoft account you can change your password here.

If your account is only local you can reset your password from a live install medium (as long as you didn’t set up BitLocker or any other fancy disk encryption, which I suppose you didn’t). There is a guide here.

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Thank you! But my password is being entered correctly - I can login to my microsoft account on another computer - Windows just won’t accept it. It says it cannot verify my credentials.

I had this issue once, it was just the language of the keyboard to change… Check yours and enter your password via the virtual keyboard, I hope you will be lucky.


I just had a similar problem on a computer at work. I created a Windows recovery USB disk and restored my system to an earlier point.

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Thank you. Any idea how I could create a recovery drive without access to Windows?

That’s the tough part. I used a different computer and followed this guide.

The computer I was trying to recover only had USB3 ports and the recovery disc didn’t include those drivers. I added them to the recovery USB drive after it was made by following this guide.