Help - pb of BSoD on EVE V

Hello the community,

I m looking for kind help as I face a blue screen from windows 10 leading to a loop (restart → go to the blue screen → restart) on my eve V.

I was wondering how could I access to the bios (which key (s) ) in order to change parameters for booting from usb key.

Any good ideas to fix this are welcomed.
blue screen



Hitting ESC when the machine starts will take you to BIOS. From there, you can change the boot order.

I’m glad you managed to capture the important part of information in that photo: Stop code: REGISTRY_ERROR

This says that the Windows registry has become corrupted. The registry is hugely important to Windows - it’s effectively the main data store on what hardware you have, which drivers and services are needed, what things are installed, etc.

Because the registry is basically a file on disk, anything that causes file corruption could have caused this. It could be a random glitch, or a hard power off at the wrong time, or a sign of a failing drive. It’s not really possible to identify the root cause based on the information available here.

One thing you can try is to turn on your V then keep hitting the F8 button as it starts. This will hopefully bring up a Windows boot options menu, at which point you should select Last Known Good Configuration. This will attempt to boot using a backup of the registry, which will be slightly older but should be in a working state.

If that doesn’t help, the next option is to boot off a Windows installation disk or thumb drive and to attempt a system repair from that. If you don’t have one on hand, it’s possible to download a Windows 10 ISO from Microsoft and burn that to a thumb drive.

Thanks NZgeek.
This will help me a lot.

I ll try your process next week end as I ve also been recommanded to drain first the battery waiting for a 48h period after have pressed the boot up button 15 seconds.