Help needed! Is anyone on

Hi guys!

Is anyone here user? Eve is looking for an invite to contribute there!

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Nobody? Right? :smiley: Or maybe somebody :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: ?

Sorry @Konstantinos, never heard of it.

Haven’t heard about it either, sorry.

How can we gain invites?

Here I have found a nice guide on Quora.
I am aware of 3 ways to do this:

  1. Create an account on Product Hunt with your Twitter account (You only need an invite to start submitting products) and then somewhere in your Settings, Product Hunt will list the folks in your Twitter network who have unused invites. You could request them to send you an invite. I don’t know if this is still working but this was the case till 2-3 months ago

  2. Email one of the moderators with details why you would be a good addition to the Product Hunt community (you want to hunt other products, you are the maker of a few products etc). Request an invite from them.

  3. Start posting meaningful comments and creating tasteful collections on the platform. You can do this without an invite and once you become a regular contributor, email the moderators about this. PH is careful about who its adds to the community as they want to keep the discussion and submissions flowing without compromising on the quality

I did #2 for my product Jabbercast Podcast Player. They submitted my product and also sent me an invite.

I also have found a PR friend of mine who could get me an invote as he is one of the community managers there

Cool! So do you still need our help?

Well if you could find someone to add it now it would be cool as now that guy advised to wait till preorders are open:) But we can add it twice :slight_smile:

I’ll try to find but I’m afraid I don’t know anyone who has invites available.

Cheers! But don’t worry about it too much about it! Thanks Artur for your support!

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