Help needed in disk I/O diagnostic


Since update 1803 but it could be another process, I have a lot of disk usage. Like 30GB a night of 12 hours for example (afk for 12 hours).
Not 30GB of consumption in space, I mean 30GB of written data which is not necessarily more added data to the data already present on it.
30GB is way too much. And it endangers the longevity of my SSD. I have that behavior on several hosts.
It’s not:

  • pagefile.sys
  • the cache of the browsers
  • it’s not acronis system protection
  • not the mails
  • glasswire logs

What it could be:

  • Microsoft photos (don’t know why)
  • antivirus (which is trend micro on some and kaspersky on others and bitdefender on others
  • glasswire (the exes for some reasons)
  • the browsers (the exes for some reason or something else)
  • swapfile.sys
  • something else.

May some people, can let some hosts turning over night and screen me the crystal disk window of their ssd and in particular the written data line ? Before and at the end of the night or a long of afk of several hours.

That would be nice of you. Thanks guys

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In my case (Asus laptop) it turned out to be solution number 6 that did the trick.

Thanks for the tip but I really need what I asked for… so the precise screenshots at the start and the end of the time frame. It’s not the problem of 100% usage.
The middle range of the disk usage is at 400kb/s… the lowest middle range is at 150kb/sec

It’s hardly 100% usage in a nvme disk, which is the case for all hosts concerned.

The problem is about the constant usage of the disk and so the longevity of the ssd. I ve clearly described the problem and as I asked I really need the screenshots I’ve requested if anyone is kind enough to do it.

Maybe it’s one of the bug or things listed in your article but I need first to have a reference scale on a computer with nvme disk without any problem to see what should I get as value, then try to see which software is causing it if possible then go to your article and explore the Windows potential bugs.

So I’ve limited from 35G for 13 hours to 4G.

Just by clausing the browsers. So apparently Firefox and chromes in my configuration, which excludes cache since it’s on another ssd, rewrites all the time something. And I don’t know what.
But 4G is still too much since it means that you would kill your ssd in less than a year. So again I’m going to ask again, can someone take some screenshots on a host while being ask for a night and measure how much the disk have written data in that time frame?

Where did you find that additional 4 GB daily write is going to “kill” your SSD in less than 1 year?


True yeah I way under a 100tB, I was tired I guess, miss the unit scale of my algebra :wink: thanks lukas to point it at me that :slight_smile: