[HELP NEEDED] Can we crowd develop our community too?

Hello Eve Family!

We were recently planning yet another website renovation. I am looking for a way to make our project as easy to understand to visitors as possible. Right now we are working on a very abstract level and it is really important for the website to communicate our project goals and development progress as clearly as possible. Well as always I started imagining a typical user journey and then a use case and all of that stuff. But then I was like: “Hey Konstantinos! What’s wrong with you? You have an amazing community of fellow developers and smart guys here! Why do you make changes to the website in the vacuum? Go and ask Eve Family!”

So here is the thing. I would really appreciate if you could help us out making meaningful improvements to our community/website. All you have to do is to answer 3 questions below.

1. If you were telling your friend about Eve and our community what would you tell? How would you describe it?

2. Is there anything that looks suspicious about us as a company? Is something unclear? Do you have some unanswered questions about our credibility in mind? Would you like to learn more about the team behind this project?

3. Is the general development process clear?

How clear our project and it’s goals are to you?

  • Very easy to understand and clear
  • Average, I have a general feel of it but I can’t figure out how it will all work out
  • Not so easy to understand
  • Not easy at all to understand! And my English is not the reason :slight_smile:

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Please make sure to reply one of my 3 questions in writing as poll alone is hard to interpret :triumph:

P.S. Or better reply all three :wink:

Thank you guys! It will really help us out!

Talking to a friend… Eve is a company which is crowdeveloping a 2 in 1 tablet with a project codenamed pyramid flipper. Their main goal is to make a product based on customer voice so as to be a device built by the customers and for the customers. That way it will cater best to their needs. I have joined. Come and let’s make a killer flipper!

I have no issues whatsoever. Only thing you could say who you are (your background) and your user names here in the forums.

It could be better. You could make a post telling what are the stages before releasing the tablet - a timeframe. For example, you’d say, next week we’ll do a post and discuss about cameras. The week after will be about this and that…
Did I make myself clear enough?

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Very clear and actionable! Thank you Artur. Do you think overall progress should be seen in the website or should we write blog posts like: Heres what we do this week and here is what we do next week? Or should we somehow visually integrate it into the website?

By the way I like the story you would tell your friend! :smiley:

Yes just like you said! The main problem for me wasn’t even that - I didn’t know you had a proper site for the company. I think it would be better if you could somehow integrate the forum in the site.

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Ah That’s a great point! So you havent seen www.eve-tech.com before you joined?

just made a quick fix but we will think of better integration

We will make same menu in community as in our website so that you could cross navigate

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No, only when you told me you had a site I went and searched for it. And I only got to your site by searching “eve t1 tablet” because otherwise it’ll show other companies and products - try to get your site more aproachable/indexed higher in google/bing.
My idea was to integrate the forums like windows central has done, but I know that’ll take a lot of time and money. But what you did is a good start!

Liked the pun I made with the last sentence (about Eve)?

Hmm what do you mean integration like windows central? Is it basically having the same menu for all website sections?

Currently when we click on “community” ir redirects to another site. I wanted the forum to be part of the “main” site.

Already started working on it today with Michael. Michael is our Ex OnePlus guy:) So youll see changes soon!

Oh ok! Who do you have on your team? And what is their background? (You could put small biographies on your site for each member of your team)

Look up! How do you like it now?

Much better :slight_smile: Only thing is that it only changed on desktop. The mobile version is still the same.

Ooops! In progress. We ll make changes soon

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1: The Eve company is crowd developing a premium 2 in one tablet that will rival the surface and ipad pro. They are set aside from other companies because they make the product based on customer input. If you want an awesome device, COME JOIN US!!

2: I agree with the other posts that the forums should be incorporated with the main website. Also maybe the topics should be organized a little better. I would love to learn more about the teem behind the development.

3: I do understand the development process, however it took me a while for it to become clear. I think if there was a easy to understand graph on the website, that would be good. Also as you needed feedback for each step, you could include a link to the specific topic in the forum.

Hope that helps!!

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  1. I would describe Eve as:
    “There’s this really cool company that is crowd sourcing ideas for their new products. It is a refreshing take on the development of a product contrary to having to make do with products huge companies churn out. The community is so welcoming and warm, it is a joy to interact with everyone.”

  2. No, I didn’t find anything suspicious. That you guys were covered by Windows Central is enough credibility. I think the product will speak for itself and make the world notice.

  3. Yes, that you guys take ideas from us. Discuss among yourselves, take ideas to suppliers to see if the costs and viability fits in.

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  1. It’s a place where they can be a part of developing something that wold be perfect for them and fit their needs.

  2. As far as I have seen over my time trading, Finnish people in general are suspicious in general about stuff that can only be found in English even tho it’s stationed in Finland. Some sort of introduction page with a mug shot of every team member and a shirt introduction would be great :wink:

  3. It’s as clear as it can get :smiley:


I told my folks about it the other day and their first response was that it was too good to be true. “How do they make any money on it, then?”, they asked. So in answer to question number 2, I would like to know more about how the company is run and who gets paid what. Not for me personally, but it would make it easier to explain to others how you can make a good quality product while charging less for it. I agree with @tiktoktoyatoya that being covered by Windows Central lends more than enough credibility for me personally, but for others not familiar with that forum, some clarification would be helpful. Just my two cents.