HELP! my bluetooth on my V just went. How do i get it back

One minute i have bluetooth on my v then the next it’s gone. The bluetooth button doesn’t show in the notification center and in setting, under every device i’ve connected to it says "your bluetooth is off(btw there is not BT on/off slider available in the bt settings. I’ve gone into device manager aand i don’t think the drivers are present! So ive reinstalled the surposed drivers ans still nothing. Pls help guys and @Team

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Try checking out the tips on this page. Also, you may find some bluetooth drivers under Network Devices in Device Manager.

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Thanks anyways. But no luck.:confused: and now the ethernet(usb c hub) in gone.

new update! the time i’m writing this post is 3am and i just had the most FUCKING weirdest experience.

  1. install legacy hardware through device manage for ethernet problem
  2. blue screen of death
  3. 2 restarts+updates in a row
  4. bluetooth is back!
    wtf just happened. am i hallucinating?

i glad bluetooth is back cause i use it on a daily basis however my ehternet and the finger print scanner/goodix_driver is still busted.
thanks for the help anyways @Jamil_Stafford


Quite possibly! Drivers are weird though, and what you said makes complete sense.

I say keep trying random things. Uninstalling and reinstalling unrelated drivers, installing drivers for slightly different products, sacrificing an ant, google the problem in different browsers and search engines, follow the directions in my post here, install windows updates, or even just try singing it a lullaby.