Hello World! What I'm looking for...

My name is Rehan, I’m a Software Engineer & a UI/UX Designer with Pakistani background residing in Saudi Arabia.

I’m looking for a convertible which is a powerhouse both from the processing and graphics point-of-view. Because when I’m coding, I’ve VMs running sometimes, localhosts and at the same time browsing a lot of stuff.

And same is the case when I’m designing the user-interfaces, I need to jump between several projects, libraries, browser…

Occasionally, I make YT videos too, which requires rendering.

Is there any such convertible which can cover all these, which won’t get overheat, won’t throttle and won’t make crazy fan noises?

At the moment , I’m stuck with a desktop (high end but not portable) and an old laptop which I’m now looking to replace.

Kindly recommend!


I’d say wait for V2 but it will probably be a few years from now. In the meantime the Surface Book 2 seems awesome.

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From an UI/UX design perspective I can really recommend an macbook. Even the older ones still do fairly well. I have an retina from 2012 and I don’t really have a need of replacing it now (especially with good ones around the corner).
The reason I’m saying this is because macOS has some great tools I haven’t found on windows. Such as Sketch and Flinto. It also has great screen/spaces management with the trackpad.

Other then that. It looks like you really want something with some horsepower. I doubt a convertible is the thing for you then. I now have an Dell XPS 15. And while it can do everything you list (code,design and render) It will get loud, hot and throttle. It’s also not that lightweight for a tablet. On top of that, it won’t be fast for rendering. Though there are solutions for that as well (external render farm).

Why do you want a convertible in the first place?