Hello World (not a tutorial)

Hello Eve Community,
I’m a web developer and tech enthusiast from the US. I have enjoyed following the consumer electronics space for the better part of ten years now and currently own a SP3.

I found out about Eve a couple months ago (honestly can’t remember how), but I saw the specs for the V and the community aspect and was pumped. Naturally I Googled to find out more and couldn’t believe nothing was being said about the product (this was well before Computex, so cool to see that Eve got the attention it deserved thereafter). While I was very disappointed to find out I was a little to late to preorder, I immediately signed up to be notified and have enjoyed following the community on an almost daily basis since.

I don’t know why I waited to officially join the community, but oh well, here I am now. Looking forward to getting my hands on a V!


Hello Skimaster! Nice to see you here and what a great intro :blush:

Our steadfast goal is to drive towards offering the V to everybody “worthy” (aka people like you) haha! Stay tuned :wink:



I am pretty sure you won’t regret the waiting :wink:

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