Hello to all...part2

Hello to all.

My name is Riccardo and I am a university student from Italy with an interest in books (trust me, I have a lot of them). Since my laptop is reaching retirement day, I am searching for a worthwhile successor that will help me carry on the torch of knowledge through these years.

I have been peeking at the V from a distance after I saw some reviews on the Interweb and I must say: I am really impressed. All the specs are phenomenal for the price and I really like the Idea of supporting a small company that is taking risks in order to shake up the industry.

Now, I am not a tech guy. I mostly use my device to write papers and to play games, so I am still evaluating which version would suit me the most while at the same time respecting my wallet. And yes, before some of you starts screaming at me, I know the V is not intended for gaming, but I one of those guys who still play Tropico…2, so I think my AAA gaming necessities are covered.

While I probably won’t be the most active member of the “Development” part of the forum, I am here to support to what it seems a fantastic idea and product.

Looking forward to talking with you all and please forgive my clumsy English.


This is the second time I am writing this presentation since apparently, the first one got lost.


It is really a pleasure to hear you telling you love books. :heart_eyes:
Loving = reading, and the opposite is not far from the truth too.
Don’t feel bad about your English, it looks good.

I may encourage you by a well kept secret: We all try to hide our clumsy English. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Welcome to the Eve community. :hugs:


Well, reading generally opens your mind to different points of view and it does make you more open and acceptive. I kind of agree with your comparison. Besides, knowledge is a form of love.

Well, this is quite the romantic take on the topic. :sweat_smile:


Ah, Ricardo my friend!

Indeed, it would tickle me to the cockles of my heart to partake in sharing with you an exchange of thoughts, dreams, and ideas; for is that not how we grow? How we ascend beyond our terrestrial bindings? I tell you, it is so - though we may never truly escape the bosom of this land on which we roam; she is not such a cruel mistress that she too robs us of the illusion of freedom.

Italy, eh? Buon giorno, I think?

Truly there is no need to escape from this land, because there is no such other place nor time for us than this. We ascend when we realize there is no reason to do so, when we understand the absurd that surrounds us, because there is only one conclusion.

When we accept this, we can see how free we are. Thoughts, dreams, ideas and curiosity for others and yourself can make every moment worth living, but an existence spent moaning at the past or gazing at the future cannot be called life.

Besides, no man is an island.