Hello! Spectrum Question

Hi! I honestly have no clue where to ask this but I have a question about the Spectrum monitors…
I’ve noticed the monitor’s freesync ranges are at 48hz on the low end (this seems to be the average with freesync, usually 40 or 48 on the low end)
Dunno if this would even be necessary but would it be possible to have additional options to run freesync at 30hz for games that run no higher than 30 fps and some emulated arcade games that run at 30hz? (Satan’s Hollow, Tapper, Rampage)


Hey @GrindStormerSTG, I hope the following quote finds you well:

I’m not sure how freesync would work during LFC mode, but it’s great to hear that the Spectrum does support LFC. I love my retro games!


If LFC is supported in VRR mode, then even if the maximum emulated/real rate ratio is 2, the minimum VRR refresh rate gets 24 instead of 48. An official comment would be interesting.

For what it’s worth, there are not so old games with a fixed refresh rate of 30 fps:

  • “Split/Second” (2010);
  • “The Cave” (2013).

Hey @GrindStormerSTG, Grant (AKA @Lore_Wonder) recently uploaded a perfect demonstration of the Spectrum using LFC with a VRR to his personal YouTube channel:


Awesome ! Looks the spectrum will make the way in our homes next month