Hello, New guy in town

Hello all,

Been lurking around for awhile and thought I would join the community.

I have been in love with this concept and product from the moment I heard about it. What a great start up to challenge the big boy Microsoft.

I have heard great things about the surface but lover the specs and price point of the V so I am very eager to see the development progress.


Welcome to the community, Trevor!

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Welcome in your home :house: town!

New to the community as well. Ordered a Eve V i7 in the last Flash sale. Hoping to see it in March and to be able to tell everyone it is AWESOME.

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hello new guy old guy here.

Welcome to the community!

Thanks all.

Been looking hard at one of these but curious about when gen 2 might be coming out. I might want to wait till then depending on the date to see what they have changed.

its been 64 days since the first V left the factory. i hope not soon.

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