hello, Justin here


I’m Justin from UK and I found myself here after seeing the Spectrum project some time back and then it reappeared in a different forum chat and I realised I’d seen it discussed much earlier and it suited my recent plans to redo my office. I’ve ordered a Spectrum QHD 144 and my dilemma now is what to pair it with for a multi monitor setup. I think 3 x 27" would be too overkill, too much head turning.

I’m not sure whether to go for 2 1080p @144Hz or something with higher resolution maybe 1920 x 1200 or 1440p but lower refresh. Have not used AMD Eyefinity before so am unsure whether it’s best to go for a lower resolution as I’m guessing 1440p on a 24" wont align with the image on a 27" Spectrum whereas the lower resolution presumably can be set up with the top of the picture chopped off. Most of the time the two side monitors would be for productivity but if I could achieve the best of both worlds and sometimes use the side monitors for gaming too, perhaps not for FPS games as I’d probably just use the center Spectrum one for that to have the highest refresh rate.