Hello I'm Tuukka, a member of the Eve team in Helsinki

Hello Guys,

I have been following and immersing myself in the communities insights for a while now. I haven’t had the time to formerly introduce myself, but here it comes.

I am a tech enthusiast. Some like @Konstantinos laughs that I’m a early adopter, when talking about smart home connected devices that I have fiddled around with etc. My ambitions are to make things that actually work, without having to constantly be frustrated with drivers and having to make do. This is also the ambition I have for the PF. I was recruited to manage Eve’s finances so thats what keeps me busy :slight_smile: Feel free to ask me anything. I am looking forward to disrupt the tech world with Eve.

Lets flip the pyramid with the Eve Community!




I must reply to this…
I bet that you have a Mac then :wink:
I do just because it works. One, but useful.
I didnt for a year or so when my old Mac died, but I had to get another one recently…
Im getting old and tired to fiddle constantly and fight with windows…

Hah nice guess. The mac ecosystem is the main sales point for these guys, at least for me as a customer. The only problems I am having with a few year old MB air is some crashing in MS Word :smile:

My personal ambition is to get PF as the next device I would use rather than MB air (which in my opinion is a near perfect computer for my work). And this is a big ambition, that we want to tackle, getting firmware and hardware to work as good as possible.


Never had any problems with Windows. And mac has a bullshit price tag, and difficult to customize. I like Windows, because it just works. Well, except Virus10, but let’s not talk about that one…

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Liar, liar pants on fire :fire::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

what? 20 chars…

JK :slight_smile: foo…

Hah got a popular thread out of this :smiley: