Hello, I'm Malachi

To start with, my name is Malachi (pronounced “Mal-Uh-Kai”) and I am a 19 year old college student here in America. Currently, I am completing my associates in science track 2, and after that I will be pursuing my bachelors in Electronics Engineering with a heavy focus on Robotics


Welcome to the Community!
Let’s make the greatest device ever! :grinning:

Check out the [Advisory Specs-Thread] (http://dough.community/t/fire-fire-pyramid-flipper-advisory-specs-fire-fire/772) to see what is confirmed up to now. In terms of features you can check out the [Suggest a Feature-Thread] (http://dough.community/t/fire-fire-suggest-a-feature-2-0-fire-fire/782) to see the features that are confirmed/we want as a community.

We also have a [Use-Case-Thread] (http://dough.community/t/you-have-pains-head-bandage-we-have-a-painkillers-pill-use-cases-for-the-mega-thread/1072) so tell us what annoys you in your current device and how the Pyramid Flipper can fix it.


Hello Malachi and welcome to the Community! :slight_smile:

It’s awesome to see the community grow larger with more people!
@AntonyTerence linked you the larger threads up to now, so it’d be great if you checked them out if you’ve got time.

Also, if you’ve got any idea that was not already proposed yet that you’d think makes sense for the PF, feel free to make a topic about it so we can create one of the best devices out there. Or just hang out with other enthusiastic people and relax.

Anyways, I hope to see you around here quite often :slight_smile:


Way to go man! Robotics is the future! So happy to have you here with us :slight_smile: Welcome to the community!


Hope we can community develop some robots in the not so far future :wink:


Now there’s an idea :slight_smile:

I shall be logging in daily